Look, I’m not gonna front: I really like Anne Curtis.

One time, a friend and I rode up the escalator just to get a better glimpse of her while she hosted some shampoo event at the mall, then we had to ride back down because our actual destination was on the ground floor.

We may or may not have gone back up and down the escalator a couple more times. Neither of us kept count.

That said, I wasn’t really that keen on BLK Cosmetics at first.

I tend to avoid celebrity beauty brands because most of them just slap some popular person’s mug on a bunch of lipsticks and call it a day. How many times has MAC announced some kind of collaboration only to have the collection fall completely flat?

But then BLK launched its 90s collection, and of course I was interested.

Nothing much piqued my interest, to be honest, but I thought the Soft Matte Mousse sounded interesting. I’m a fiend for lip products, and I’ve tried everything from the dirt cheap to Tom motherfucking Ford. I’ve never tried a lip mousse, though, so I figured, why not give it a shot?

Because these are part of the 90s collection, all the Soft Matte Mousse shades are brown-toned. I picked up Booyah (nude peach) and As If (dusty rose) but skipped Totally because straight up brown just isn’t my best color.

So why do I love this formula so much? Let me count the ways.

The mousse is genius. I initially thought it would be a bit similar to liquid lipsticks, because that’s what it looks like the first time you pull out the wand. The difference becomes immediately apparent the minute you apply the actual product on your lips.

This bitch straight lives up to its name — it’s so soft. It’s lightweight and feels like absolutely nothing when you apply it. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve literally forgotten that I had something on my lips while wearing this.

The finish is beautiful. Because of the mousse formula, this easily fills your lip lines and gives a semi-matte blurry finish that looks pretty natural without sacrificing color. If you hate that cracked butthole look that liquid lipsticks can create, this Soft Matte Mousse will be your new best friend.

Though I wouldn’t call this hydrating, it’s important to note that the formula won’t dry your lips out. Most matte lipsticks require you prep your lips by scrubbing and moisturizing beforehand, but you don’t have to do any of that with this one. I’ve even applied straight to chapped lips and it still looked good.

It’s pretty long-wearing and fades gracefully. In my experience, the Soft Matte Mousse stays on for at least three to four hours or even longer, as long as I don’t wipe my lips aggressively after eating.

It will wear off eventually with regular drinking and talking, but it fades evenly so you don’t get that horrifying ring of crusty color around your lips at the end of the day. I also noticed that this leaves a decent stain, so when I’m lazy I don’t even bother re-applying.

Application tip! The wand is pretty average but it is small enough that it can work with even the thinnest of lips. I find that I get the best possible application when I wipe off the excess (as you do with liquid lipsticks) so you can start with a thin and even layer.

You can get decent color payoff and coverage with just a tiny bit of the Soft Matte Mousse, so working with a small amount lets you get better control and a more consistent application. You can build up to your desired level of intensity, but I find that just a layer or two is enough for me.

There are cons, of course. The shades are limited, currently. I’ve already ordered the holiday colors (Joy and Happy) and I’m pretty excited for that bright red shade! That is, if Shopee will do its job and actually get my stuff to me. Fellow online shoppers, I know you understand me when I say Black Arrow is the woooorst.

Another con: I don’t like the scent. It smells like fake coconut cookies? I don’t know. I am terrible with scents, but this one just smells a little too sickly sweet for me. The good news is that the scent doesn’t really stay and it doesn’t taste gross, so I really only have to deal with the smell while applying.

What else? Well it hasn’t made me look like Anne Curtis yet, so that’s disappointing.

Seriously, though, this Soft Matte Mousse is one of those things that I think is an absolute must-have. It’s great for people who love makeup, obviously, but it’s also an excellent choice for people who find lip products intimidating.

It’s easy to use, isn’t too in your face, and gives just the right amount of pop to brighten any look. If you’re wondering what to get your friends — or yourself — for Christmas, the BLK Cosmetics Soft Matte Mousse is just 349 pesos each.

Definitely worth it.

Featured image by BLK Cosmetics